8-Bitter Non-Destructive Cart Modding Adapter Released

Voultar has just released the follow-up to his SNES repro project, which is essentially the same thing, but for 8-bit NES carts.  This process allows you to dump the original ROM that’s on the cart you own, patch it with the translation, then flash it back using Voultar’s adapters and a programmer. This is a 100% legal way to play a ROM patch and is aesthetically pleasing for people who like to see the original cart being used.

For me personally, I’ll be using this method for games that are special or important to me, or not 100% compatible with my Everdrive.  As always, I’m thrilled at all the excellent options we have these days and you can choose whichever fits your needs best!

NES / Famicom Cartridge Adapter:

SNES Cartridge Adapters:

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