4K Raspberry Pi Lag Testing Kit Interest Check

Alan Robinson, the same person who posted the DIY Raspberry Pi lag test project has started work on an updated “high end” version that doesn’t require the use of a camera.  The original version was software that lit the Pi’s LED at the same time that it sent a signal to your TV, allowing a high-speed camera to record video of the process.  Then you’d manually analyse that video, to calculate the panel’s lag.

This new approach uses a high-temporal resolution brightness sensor to turn the RPi into a more traditional lag tester:  Simply hold the kit up to your panel and watch the measurements.  Also, since it’s an RPi, data can be saved to the MicroSD card and nice charts can be generated as a result.  The advantage of using a Raspberry Pi 4 is that you can generate resolutions from 240p up to 4k60 and potentially even 4k120, allowing you to see how you panel reacts across all resolutions and refresh rates!

I’ll keep everyone updated with the kit’s progress and hopefully someone can assist with the project and come up with a great 3D-printed case to contain it all!

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