3DO RGB Kits In Stock

Retro Gamer Stuff just listed stock of the 3DO RGB kit.  This is the same high quality kit that Dan (Citrus3000psi) had created and open sourced. While the 3DO outputs high quality S-Video natively, the signal is locked to 480i on all but one Japanese model.  While that’s okay for some FMV-based games, many titles really benefit from a progressive scan, 240p output.  This mod both includes a switch that toggles between resolutions and offers a true RGB output!  For more info, please check out the detailed review below:

Order Here:

If you’re a hardcore 3DO fan (or if your 3DO’s optical drive is dying), you might want to also consider pairing this with an ODE from Fixel;  There’s versions available for multiple models, including the Sanyo Try!


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