“XL” IPS Screen for Game Boy Color

Tito from Macho Nacho productions recently posted a video about another new IPS screen mod for the Game Boy Color called the “Q5”.  This screen is the largest ever released for the GBC and performs well, however it requires a lot of case cutting;  Please use an aftermarket shell and don’t ruin an original (more info below):

GBC Q5 IPS Backlit Screen (may be available from other vendors as well)
Replacement Housings from Amazon

While I’m always a huge fan of innovation and new products, unfortunately, it seems like there’s a new GBC/GBA screen released almost every week.  It’s really hard to tell which is the best fit for your needs…or even which screens (if any) are originals or clones!  Luckily, we can rely on Tito to vet quite a few of these for us, but as a general suggestion, I’d always recommend using an aftermarket case.  Please remember that once these original shells are cut, there’s no reverting the plastic back to its original form.  With all of these screen enhancements being released, it’s totally plausible that you’d cut plastic today that you’ll need tomorrow, so always aim for aftermarket plastic, or #nocutmods

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