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Xeno Crisis for the Genesis / Mega Drive Reviewed

Since its reveal a few years back on Kickstarter, I’ve kept a close eye on Xeno Crisis.  If you haven’t heard of Xeno Crisis, it’s reminiscent of  classic arcade games such as Smash TV.  As far as new games for old consoles go, Bitmap Bureau seemed to want to provide a “triple A” experience on three decade old hardware.

How did they do?  Have a watch on my channel over on Raycommend and see for yourself by clicking on the video link below!

In this review, I cover costs, platform availability, gameplay options, and performance.  There is a basic unboxing for the curious among you and the PCB is clearly displayed for those of you who love to look at the internals of your electronics.

I also discuss the extra goodies that Bitmap Bureau provided with my purchase of Xeno Crisis.

I hesitate to call this a “homebrew” game as it’s a professionally developed game that’s also available on pretty much all modern platforms.  In my opinion, it should be labeled as an indie game for the Sega Genesis, or my personal term, “Unlicensed Retro Release” since Sega won’t actually license it these days.

Cheaters can also learn how to access the hidden menus in the game by visiting my video description. This provides unlimited lives, health, stage select, ect.

But ENOUGH TALK! Have at the LINK, and enjoy the video!

And as always, Thanks for watching!


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