Rany Battikh

X-station firmware 1.0.2 released

A new firmware update has just been released for the new and upcoming PlayStation optical drive emulator (ODE), the X-station. While users who pre-ordered their units before late September are expecting to receive them very soon, the project’s main developer ramapcsx2 addressed some bugs, improved compatibility and ameliorated the overall presentation of the X-station, all within the 1.0.2 update.

A new dark them has been added to the rather simplistic but practical menu and the user’s choice can now be saved into the SD-card. The options menu has been reworked from the ground-up and more 3rd party controllers are now compatible with the X-station.

Here’s the full list of bugs fixes, new features and improvements that early adopters of the X-station will be getting with firmware 1.0.2:

  • Faster DSP command parsing for improved stability
  • Fixed “Fantastic Pinball Kyuutenkai” black screening
  • Interrupt priority balancing
  • Added a Dark Theme
  • You can now choose your theme from the Options menu
  • All options saved to SD card
  • Restructured the Options Menu
  • Improved third-party controller support
  • Fixed an issue with “Castlemania SotN” through fastboot
  • Many more fastboot improvements

The update process is pretty straight-forward. It only requires extracting the downloaded archive into a folder labeled “00xstation” on the SD-card, then selecting Update Firmware from the options menu, once the X-station loader has fully booted.

Castlemania Games, the main provider of the X-station is currently in the testing/programming phase right before shipping the Wave 1 units out. Users will most probably receive the X-station with firmware 1.0.2 pre-flashed, but if that won’t be the case, updating is quick and easy just like mentioned above.

UPDATE: Ryan from Castlemania Games confirmed to me that all the X-station units ordered from his shop will ship with the latest firmware flashed right onto them.

At this point I cannot but mention LaserBear‘s great 3d printed SD-card tray, that has been carefully designed around the X-station, giving the subject console a factory look.


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