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Wolfenstein 3D Port For The Sega Master System

Wolfenstein 3D may soon be playable on your Sega Master System! This homebrew port of the classic First Person Shooter from id Software is under development from Under4Mhz and is in very early development, but it is impressive that it runs at all.

Check out the demo here:

User Under4Mhz from the SMS Power forums is currently working on a homebrew port of Wolfenstein 3D for the Sega Master System by optimizing their previous Mazenstein3D code. Despite being very early in development, the work has already been incredible!

Originally posted on June 12th, 2022, there have already been several demos to try out, with a new 1.07 version posted right after I finished this RetroActive episode. While playable, it is janky, unnecessary, and all-around silly– making it so great! As of the 1.07 version, the walls and doors are just solid colors, the only enemies are the base guard and dogs, and some items do work, but it is worth checking out in an emulator. You can see the progress and download the demo in the forum thread linked above!