Wii HDMI For Launch-Model Wii’s

Someone has just posted a project on github that allows HDMI output from a launch model Wii via GCVideo.  The project is focused on cost, so it’s HDMI-only and there’s no flex-cable requiring a manual installation.

The creator says they’ve spent several hours testing it on my launch-model Wii and now would like other people’s feedback.  Check out the project here:

If you’re wondering how this is different from the Wii Dual HDMI kit designed by Dan aka citrus3000psi, his supports RVL-CPU-40, -60, K01 and K02 revision Wii’s, none of which are the original launch model.  While Dan won’t be officially supporting any launch models, last year he posted a design that showed the potential of it happening.  I’m glad to see someone else step up and make it happen!

For more information on the Wii Dual, check out this video:

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