Why 1080p 5x Scaling Is Often Best

Playing retro game consoles on a flat-panel TV or capture card, always requires some kind of scaling for the signal to look right. While there’s many basic scalers out there that do a great job, there’s some more advanced scalers or mods becoming available that provide you with a lot more control over the signal. One of the more common features, is the option to scale the original signal from your game console to five times its original height, in a 1080p window. This often results in some of the image getting cut off, but in almost every case, that’s a good thing. Check out the video to find out why!

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Here’s more videos, if you’re interested in why a scaler is needed at all, how much lag each add and why you shouldn’t use scalers designed for TV signals in video games – Remember, 5x isn’t needed, I just recommend using it if your scaler or mod has the option:

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