Weekly Roundup #380

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Timestamps / Article Links:

00:00  Website Ads Suck:  /  

02:50  Contra Hardcore Vinyl:

03:32  Dreamcast Wireless Retro-Bit Controller Prototype:

05:30  MiSTer Direct Video Tutorial:

07:35  Interview With Saturn Homebrew Creator:

08:48  Neo Geo 320 vs 304 Games:

12:15  Saturn MGS Is Real:

13:42  Saturn Wireless Controller Interview:

17:45  Why Is Platforming Difficult in NES Terminator?:

19:11  Cotton Vinyl Soundtrack:

19:56  PVM’s & TVL:

24:03  GC BlueRetro:

24:57  MemcardPro GC In Stock:

26:34  Tempest 3DO Port:

28:17  Far East Of Eden Retrospective:

30:06  Lu’s MiSTer Updates:  

41:36  Everdrive N8 Pro Update:  

44:10  Two new secret characters in NBA Jam Saturn found:

46:03  Thank you!!!:

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