Weekly Roundup #304

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Timestamps / Article Links:

00:00. Retro Game Festival Brazil:

00:38  Resident Evil Version:

01:28  Mt-32 pi zero:

03:03  30th Anniversary of Wolfenstein:

03:49  JLCPCB:  How to order a proper PCB for game cartridges (provided your design files are correct of course!) – Sponsored post.

05:52  Atari Battlezone Simulator:

08:02  MegaSD Firmware:

08:42  Doom 32x Multiplayer:

12:35  GBASP Metal Shell:

14:04  SNES Soundtracks Restored from Original Samples:

15:52  Lu’s MiSTer Updates:

22:57  SD-Based VMU:

24:59  3DO ODE Mount:

26:21  Whatnot t-shirt stream?  Dumb idea?:

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