Weekly Roundup #180

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00:19  Moonwalker Genesis +:

01:24  How a NES Controller works:

02:22  Axiom Verge 2 Announced:

03:06  3-Player Final Fight:

04:19  Testing A/V Delay in Capture Cards:

06:02  The Messenger Review (SPOILERS!):

08:34  Banking on the SNES:

09:20  C64 Basic Video Output Board:

10:17  A Levelheaded Look At the Philips CDi:

12:33  Retron5 Jailbreak Firmware Now In English:

13:48  Project Neon Neo Geo Homebrew Demo:

15:02  Sakura Wars English Translation:

15:46  RPi4 on RetroTINK Ultimate:

17:45  GC Loader SD Mount:

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