Weekly Roundup #161

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00:14  LIRGE This Sat!!!:

01:19  Replacement OSSC Cases:

01:43  Undammed Adapter Firmware Update:

03:35  3D Printable JAMMA Key:

04:51  Genesis Mega Max X Port:

05:36  NGPC Backlit Screen:

07:12  Mega Drive Mini Delayed:

08:36  JetHunt AGA released for  Amiga:

09:12  Custom Crosspoint Labels:

09:45  Crosspoint SCART Adapters:

11:59  MiSTer Power Switch:

13:15  Popeye and Commando Cores:

14:46  SNES Multi-Out 3D Print and PCB:

15:49  AES PSU Guide:

17:35  History of Nintendo’s CIC Lockout Chips:

18:20  GBC Rechargeable Battery Kits:

20:39  3D Printed Arcade PSU Cover:

21:43  BSNES Emulator Update:

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