Weekly Roundup #156

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00:45  Raspberry Pi 4 Announced:

03:54  Pi4 Compatibility:

04:45  Libretro’s Pi4 Announcements:

07:04  Eon’s $150 S-Video to HDMI Adapter:

11:32  Interview: Roarke’s Retro Corner:

12:10  CPS1 De Suicide Board:

13:24  DC & Saturn PSU’s;

14:40  Framemeister Production Ended:

16:55  A New Commodore 64:

18:05  Mini “Games” to match the Genesis Mini:

19:08  DisplayPort 2.0:

19:48  “Mode 7” Genesis game?:

20:31  One Punch Man Fighting Game:

21:03  Genesis Audio preservation project:

26:19  SolSeraph, Actraiser-inspired game:

27:12  Nomad Screen Replacement 3D mount:

28:46  Virtua Racing Switch:

29:58  GBAz Install Video:

30:29  Additional Dreamcast Noctua Fan Instructions:

31:39  DevilutionX Ported to the Switch:

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