Weekly Roundup #153

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00:39  Playstation Multi-out Breakout Board:

01:15  Darius on Genesis Mini Licensed?:

03:13  MiSTer get Virtua Racing support:

03:57  Genesis Fight engine Progress:

04:13  Hyperkin’s N64 Clone running Mupen64:

05:18  USB-GDROM self-brick:

09:36  RetroUSB AVS Firmware Update:

12:29  GCPlug 2.0 Case:

13:20  Sega 32x Genesis 2 Riser:

14:38  Mega Drive Mini Tower Of Power:

15:44  Super Famicom Cartridge Slot Adapter:

16:49  AMOS2 Programming Language:

17:58  Checkmate Modern Retro Case:

18:27  AtGames Arcade Cabinet Might Not Suck!?!?:

20:37  RJ45 Virtual Boy Controller Extension Cable:

22:00  Mega Sg v4.5 Firmware:

22:40  Open Source JBC Soldering Solution:

23:43  Too Many Games:

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