Virtual Boy Servo Emulator and Virtual Tap Kits Now Available

Mobius Strip Tech is now selling both Furrtek’s Virtual Tap video out kits and a servo emulator chip:

The servo emulator is an interesting device, as it “fools” the Virtual Boy to thinking there’s still mirrors and motors inside it.  This is perfect for VB’s that are badly broken – I have one someone gave me for parts that was dropped in shipping;  All the glass inside broke and it was deemed “unfixable”.  Now, I can simply install the Servo Emulator and a Virtual Tap kit and have a consolized Virtual Boy!!!  Also, if you do plan on conzolizing, made some great 3D printed output ports!

As a side note, please don’t cannibalize perfectly good VB’s to make consolized versions.  Just wait for a broken one to be sold and bring that back to life instead!

For people unaware, the Virtual Tap is a video-out mod designed specifically for the VB.  It comes in two versions: The VGA Output = “2x” 800×600 mode that runs at 768×448 and the RGB Output = a narrower aspect ratio to fit the Virtual Boy’s 384×224 resolution into a 320×240 “240p” signal.  You can install one in each “eye” for dual output as well, as shown off in the livestream we did earlier this year!

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