Virtual Boy in 2022: Accessories & Games

Today I’m joined by Kevin Mellott to demo and discuss all of the awesome, modern homebrew accessories and games available for the Nintendo Virtual Boy.  We start by demoing hardware, then show off some awesome games!  If you’re a fan of the Virtual Boy, or are just curious about the platform, definitely check this out – Most people enjoy throwing shade at the downsides of the VB, but this is the opposite:  We’re showing off all the reasons you would want to own one!

Support the awesome dev’s who make this stuff happen!:
Support Kevin’s work:
Support Thunderstruck:
Support Furrtek (Virtual Tap Creator):

Here’s links to absolutely everything we demo’d:
Carrying Case:
Virtual Boy Console:
More great VB accessories:
Metal Medallion:
New Stand:
Virtual Tap (RGB or VGA):
Hyper Flash 32 ROM Cart:
Hyperboy single-flash ROM cart:
Link Cable:
Extension Cable:
More of Kevin’s Products:
Battery Pack:
AC Pack:
AC Adapter:
Bluetooth Adapter Pre-Order:
Rumble Pack Pre-Order:
Virtual Boy Stand Orientation:

Virtual Boy Games / Homebrew Games:
Hyper Fighting:
Mario’s Tennis:
Flashboy Plus:
Wario Land:
Formula V Homebrew:
Elevate Speed Homebrew:
Capitán Sevilla:
Bound High w/Debug Menu:
Red Square:
Virtual Boy Unreleased Games:

Here’s a livestream showing two VB’s connected with Kevin’s link cable, playing head-to-head (literally ;p) Hyper Fighting!:

If you’d like to hear more from Kevin, check out the interview we did awhile back:

…and while this has nothing to do with this stream, I can’t talk about the Virtual Boy without showing an awesome mod from Shank:

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