Virtual Boy Event Now Powered By Video Games New York

Last week, I was thrilled to announce that @nycfurby and I would be livestreaming the Virtual Boy version of Street Fighter at the May 8th NLBC in Brooklyn.  We ran a test stream (pic below) and while everything looked great, I realized something:  We only had one set of Virtual Boy’s…so if something went wrong*, we’d be in trouble.

Well, Video Games New York, known for selling high quality, refurbished Virtual Boy’s (amongst other awesomeness) heard about the event and decided to provide doubles of everything we needed!  We now have a full Virtual Boy / Virtual tap setup, as well as a backup setup should something fail*!!!

The NLBC tournament starts at 8PM, but I’ll be there much earlier for anyone who wants to play.  The VB table and stream will stay up as long as there’s still people there.  I really hope to see as many people as can make it…especially all the naysayers that don’t think the Virtual Boy can provide a fun Street Fighter experience!  I look forward to proving them wrong, while entertaining all VB and game fans alike!

Stream Links:

The setup is as follows:

  • Two refurbished Virtual Boy consoles, each with Furrtek’s Virtual Tap
  • Full-sized fight stick, or original controller on #1 (your choice), modded by Ben Fong
  • Special Edition VB Fight stick provided by Benj Edwards, or original controller on #2
  • RGB monitor for anyone watching in-person
  • VB Link cable provided by Kevin Mellott
  • Furrtek’s Virtual Tap: Output #1 =  240p RGB output to a Sony PVM monitor for live viewing
  • Furrtek’s Virtual Tap: Output #2 = 720p VGA output for streaming
  • Two copies of Hyper Fighting for the Virtual Boy provided by an anonymous donor
  • One backup VB with dual Virtual Tap output, backup link cable and backup controller!

This setup showcases absolutely everything the Virtual Boy homebrew scene has to offer, with pretty much the only “official” piece of equipment being the VB itself!  It’s a testament to the developers, modders and players that made this a reality…

…oh and it’s friggin Street Fighter on Virtual Boy!?!?!?!?  I hope to see you there, either on-stream or in person!

*All of the equipment at the event has been fully refurbished and ready for battle!  That being said, the VB’s themselves are almost 24 years old, so I wanted to prepare for any and all issues!

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