Rany Battikh

Virtual Boy Consolizer Case

Marcus Mitcham just designed a consolizer case for Nintendo’s Virtual Boy.

Using Furrtek‘s Virtual Tap and Servo pcbs in conjunction with Db Electronic‘s SNES AV multi-out you can now turn your broken Virtual Boy into a fully fledged console outputting RGBs. You would of course need to provide a VB motherboard as well, from a defective unit. (PS: Don’t cannibalize to consolize!)

All the parts mentioned above would then easily fit into Marcus’s newly designed red and black console-style case. The front panel has ports for the VB’s original controller, the link cable, a 3.5 mm audio jack and a volume control wheel. The back side just holds the multi-out.

The Virtual Boy Consolizer Case is now available for download on thingverse, for anyone who’s looking to add the Virtual Boy to his/her growing consolized-handhelds setup.