Virtua Cop Documentary from Pandamonium Reviews

Nick from Pandamonium Reviews just released a comprehensive, four hour long documentary about Sega’s Virtua Cop.  There’s chapter points listed in the description, in case you feel like breaking it up into “episodes”, but you’re welcome to binge it all in one setting as well.  Overall, fans of both Virtua Fighter and Sega’s history will not be disappointed!

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Sadly, YouTube has demonetized the video due to a few seconds of a song being flagged for a content ID violation.  Even more frustrating is that after the video was flagged, YouTube placed a TON of ads in the video, with no way for Nick to turn them off ;/  So, if you liked this video, please consider supporting Nick via the link above!

I’m about halfway through and it’s just flying by – It felt more like 30 minutes have passed, not two hours!  This might be Nick’s best documentary yet…although I think the NBA Jam one is a close contender as well!

If you’d like to hear more about Nick, his background and the story behind these documentaries, check out the interview we did awhile back:

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