Video Capture & Scaling Section / Video and Open Source Hardware Released

I’m very proud to announce the launch of a new “video capture” section on this website.  I’ve held off on adding any capture information until now, as I’ve spent years of trial and error trying to find a reliable method.  Finally, thanks to the help of many video experts, professional streamers and some fancy math from Ste, I’ve put together a comprehensive section on the website, with a corresponding video to help people new to capture.

I’ve also released two open-source boards designed for converting retro gaming signals to be compatible with the format the Datapath Vision series of capture cards, as well as a few others.  My hope is that video hardware experts will completely tear them apart and improve them for all of us.  Once a solid design is finalized, I plan on working with vendors to provide pre-assembled boards for sale.

The website section and sub-pages are here:

…and the detailed video is below.  The website will be kept up to date and while info in the video may become outdated, the root theory behind it is solid:

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