Using a PS2 Slim Power Adapter with Classic Consoles

Hey everyone, Coury from My Life in Gaming here. A few days ago I released a video on using a PlayStation 2 Slim power adapter with classic consoles that have barrel shaped power inputs. This was an idea thats been swimming around in the back of my mind for a couple of years now, when Ste from HD Retrovision showed me it was possible and how to do it. The PS2 Slim power adapter is known to punch well above its weight in terms of quality and reliability, and I felt like the subject was something that people that have a bunch of consoles hooked up would get a lot of use out of because these adapters are fairly common, not expensive (at the time of this writing) and a lot of people might already have one laying around.

The video also goes into barrel connector sizes, reversing center polarity of connectors and using splitters to get everything hooked up at the same time. Its not a super deep dive into the subject but I think people might be surprised useful this thing is!