Unveiling the RAD2x HDMI Cables

I’m incredibly proud to exclusively unveil the “Retro Analog to Digital 2x” – aka RAD2x cables.  These are the first and ONLY plug & play HDMI cables I’d recommend for use with 16 and 32-bit gaming consoles, launching October 31st for around $50.

There will be versions for Genesis, Saturn and PlayStation, as well as a “SNES” version compatible with every console that shipped with a SNES-style multi-out, regardless of mod or region (seriously).  Pre-orders for all announced versions are open right now:

To be honest, I never thought there would be such an easy way to experience classic consoles on flat-screen TV’s without sacrificing part of the gaming experience, but thanks to a partnership between RetroTINK creator Mike Chi and Rob from Retro Gaming Cables, we have just that!  Mike has essentially shrunk down his RetroTINK2x into a tiny PCB that allows the 240p RGB output to be doubled to 480p HDMI.  This design, combined with Rob’s excellent over-molded, shielded cables, means there’s finally an inexpensive and simple way for people to properly experience classic consoles on flat-screen TV’s!

My goal for this video was to cover as much as I can, in as short a time as possible, as I wanted to spread the word without boring people.  I’ll have more videos in the coming weeks that focus on some of the more unique features, as well as compare them to other options and even provide raw capture footage for enthusiasts to check themselves.  For now, this “unveiling” should cover enough to get you started.  Check it out on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute (below):

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