Two New JAMMA RGB Video Splitters: SEGV Echo Chan & NAC Splitfire

Two new devices have launched that are going to interest anyone who has tried to stream real arcade hardware to two video devices. The SEGV Echo Chan has a host of excellent features that will appeal to the high-end of the market ($200), and the NAC Splitfire comes in at half the price ($100), but is no slacker for features or build quality. Both look incredible and massively improve options for arcade tournaments, online streamers, and home arcades.

Both devices create a second display output from the JAMMA edge of an arcade PCB without endangering video equipment. They can also be used to simply send a fully buffered and essentially perfectly processed RGB video signal to one source, like a PVM or OSSC. Much like a Supergun, but streamlined specifically for video splitting.

SEGV Echo Chan:
NAC Splitfire:



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