The RetroTINK 5x Has Arrived!

Above is a deep-dive video revealing all the launch day features of the brand new RetroTINK 5x!  All the basics are in the first six minutes, but after that I go over all the awesome things this upscaler…and DOWNscaler can do!  UPDATE:  Please note that there’s been many firmware updates since this review aired and each update added some amazing new features!  There’s now true CRT-like scanlines, a smoothing filter that helps with 3D graphics and tons more.  All the basics still apply though, so the above video is still relevant, other than the new features.

Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:

RGB / Component / S-Video Cables for each console:
Flat SCART Cable:
Zero-Lag Converters: I used the HDMI to Component ones listed here in the video:

Why 1080p5x is usually best for 240p / 480i (featuring tons of RT5x footage):


Check out this video, for an easy guide on how to update your new RetroTINK 5x:


If you’d like more information directly from the creator of the RetroTINK / RAD2x products, check out the live interview we did, right after the RT5x launched.  UPDATE:  My favorite part of the interview is when Mike says adding a smoothing filter might be impossible…and then a few months later he added it 🙂

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