The Game Boy Camera+ (Plus) Mod | Using Real Lenses On A Game Boy

Sam from 2BitToys recently launched a mod that replaces the outer shell of the Game Boy Camera to allow it to adapt CS-mount lenses.

This fantastic mod gives the Game Boy Camera much more flexibility and creative freedom when taking photos.

One of the best things about this mod is that it’s very easy to do, all you need is a screw driver and some epoxy glue and of course some CS-mount lenses.

This mod got me excited to use the Game Boy Camera again, something I hadn’t used in decades.  It’s really fun to be able to adapt different lenses and experiment with framing, zooming as well as making adjustments to aperture.

To accompany this mod, I’ve been using this zoom lens (affiliate link) that I picked up from Amazon and was really amazed at just how far it could reach.  The video linked at the top of this article showcases the fixed focal length of a regular un-modded Game Boy Camera compared to the modded Game Boy Camera+ with this zoom lens.  The results are pretty neat!

Now of course this mod doesn’t change the fact that the camera generates 128×128 pixel photos which is effectively 0.001434 megapixels, extremely low resolution.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t take interesting photos.  A lot of people like the limitations of the Game Boy Camera as it causes them to be more creative.

Another interesting feature is that the new shell allows you to place filters right over the camera’s sensor.  The one I use in the video is an IR sensor which is supposed to help make photos more “vivid”, however, with the Game Boy Camera, it may be a more nuanced improvement.

However, having the filter holder is nice because of the possibilities that it opens up.  I can envision putting a Neutral Density filter (not that it would be very useful due to the camera’s auto exposure functions) or colored filters for trichromatic photography (this method of photography generates color photos with the Game Boy Camera!).

Anyway, I just love how this simple mod really expands the capabilities of Nintendo’s little camera.  It breathed new life and definitely renewed my interest in it.

If you want to purchase the shells for this mod you can do so here.

And for all the other required parts for this mod refer to the 2BitToy website.

Also, check out Alex Mitchell’s previous article covering Sam’s Game Boy Camera+ Mod!

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