Testing A/V Delay in Capture Cards

I just released a quick video showing how to make sure your capture card isn’t creating “lag” or “delay between the audio and video of your captures.  This is more of a blog-style discussion than a detailed video, but I do show examples.

I normally wouldn’t recommend spending the time to verify capture card lag, unless you’re already experiencing noticeable audio delay in your streams…or, of course, if you’re doing emulation analysis like in my Genesis Mini Lag Test video (below).  I probably should have included this example in that video to prove my results were accurate, so maybe just think of this as a continuation of that?

Also, make sure to check out EposVox’s channel for much more detailed information about streaming and tons of other awesomeness:
Capture Card Details:

Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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