Terraonion announces HDMI SSDS3

Terraonion has just announced an HDMI-outputting version of their Super SD System 3 ODE/AV adapter that also includes built-in support for the SuperGrafx.  The adapter gets HDMI from the digital signals available on the rear pins, for a true digital to digital conversion.

Pre-order yours here:

While there’s no reviews yet (and I hope to do one myself), this looks like it’s going to be a solid product.  Terraonion’s ODE’s are top-quality and the original SSDS3’s CD + Hu Card support was always excellent.  With the addition of FPGA-based support for the SuperGrafx, this $300-ish plug and play device will give any original PC Engine or TurboGrafx-16 console every feature available.

I also love the 720p HDMI output, as well as the fact that they generate RGB output from the HDMI signal!  That means you can use dual-output with this device and have zero worries about jailbars on an unmodded console!  There’s no other analog RGB solution that can do this without a mod, making this the video output solution for all PCE/TG-16 enthusiasts.

There’s also support for other FPGA cores available, starting with the NES core.  Respectfully, in my opinion, this is the least exciting of the features;  If someone wants FPGA hardware emulation, they can get a MiSTer setup for the price of just this addon.  I think this device is for people who want to use their original consoles and even their original Hu Cards, with the only “emulation” being the SuperGrafx-related FPGA components.  If you look at it from the perspective of “perfect video and SFX support from any PCE/TG-16”, the $300 seems like a cost-effective solution compared to buying an original SuperGrafx.  And I think that’s exactly who this device’s target market is.

I’m looking forward to trying it myself and putting it through its paces!

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