Vanessa (Vanessaira)

N64Digital Pre-orders Available 7 May 2021

The PixelFX company has just announced the pre-order window for the new N64Digital mod.  PixelFX is the newly established company formed from the combined talents of citrus3000psi, chriz2600, and Woozle. These individuals have contributed wonderful works to the retro gaming community but have now teamed up to create PixelFX and the N64Digital will be their […]

Rany Battikh

Fully assembled GBA Consolizer by Game-Tech US

Game-Tech US just announced that they will be taking pre-orders for fully assembled GBA Consolizer systems; this will include the main consolizer kit, a plastic enclosure, a plexi cover and an actual GBA motherboard. Woozle‘s brilliant GBA Consolizer kit is already available (for pre-order) through and comes in 2 main forms. The first kit […]


GBA Consolizer Updates

Game-tech has just posted a status update for the GBA Consolizer pre-orders: The kits have arrived to Woozle and are currently being tested and programmed.  One kit was already sent to Jason to test-fit the 3D pieces, so the plastic can be ordered.  Overall, everything seems pretty close to on-schedule. Unrelated, Woozle himself has tested […]


GBA Consolizer: An HDMI 720p GBA Kit

I’d like to introduce everyone to the Game Boy Advance Consolizer: A zero-lag, 720p HDMI kit for the Game Boy Advance!  This is a full overview & review that covers all current features and options. GBA Consolizer Links: Follow Woozle & Game-tech for updates: Power & HDMI Cable Recommendations:Tested, high-quality Mini-HDMI Cable: Cable: […]


Interview with GBA Consolizer Creator Woozle

Here’s an in-person interview with Stephen Williams, aka Woozle. Stephen just finished a beta run of his 720p HDMI Game Boy Advance Consolizer and I wanted to meet up and get the full story of the project! An audio-only, podcast version of this interview can be found here: Follow Stephen here: for the GBA […]