Electronic Lifestyle – Remute’s HuCard Album

  Remute, the artist behind Technoptimistic for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and The Cult of Remute for the SNES/SFC, has done it again with a music release for the Turbografx-16/PC Engine platform! Electronic Lifestyle, which will release in March of 2021, features 15 brand new tracks and comes shipped on an actual HuCard. As with […]


Yuzo Koshiro Releases His Old Custom Music Tools for Free

Onimata.tv has released MUCOM88 on Github, a suite of tools created by legendary video-game music composer Yuzo Koshiro for creating music on the NEC PC-88 series. They have included the original software for NEC PC-8801, and a new Windows build with samples of Koshiro’s work included. Mucom88 has been released for free. This is a […]