Ray Commend

Yaba Sanshiro Update Adds New Feature and Supports another Game

The best Saturn emulator on Android, Yaba Sanshiro just received a new update to version 2.4.0. The emulator, which plays many games at full speed on the Nvidia Shield TV and many other devices received an important usability update. According to the release notes: WHAT’S NEW * in-game controller configuration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjwSuPTWgy0 * Riglord saga 2 […]


Sega Saturn Transparency

Someone just sent me a great writeup written by Matt Greer back in 2016 about how transparency effects are used in the Sega Saturn and why you don’t see them as often as other consoles: https://www.mattgreer.org/articles/sega-saturn-and-transparency/ I don’t want to spoil the main article, but basically it’s a result of how the dual VDP1 and VDP2 […]


Pseudo Saturn Gets Major Update in Kai v6.274

Pseudo Saturn is a community firmware that can be flashed to devices like the Action Replay 4. It was originally designed to simply add a hardware exploit option to the AR4, allowing the booting of burned discs and negating the need for a modchip. But features have been continually added to it through the years […]