Rany Battikh

RGB Modding a PVM-20L1

Martin Hejnfelt, mostly known for reverse engineering the BKM-129x add-on cart for Sony PVM and BVM monitors, has recently posted a detailed guide about RGB modding a PVM 20L1. The “L” series, most often referred to as the final manufactured line of professional CRT monitors by Sony, was released throughout the early to mid 2000s. […]


New CRT RGB Mod Board

A new open-source design for a board to assist in RGB-modding TV’s has just been released.  WARNING:  Modding or working on CRT’s is very dangerous and should only be done by professionals with extreme caution. The general procedure for RGB-modding a TV was to lift the RGBs lines from the On-Screen Display chip, as well as the “blanking” voltage […]