Alex Mitchell

Fan Group Kineko Restores “Sweet Home”

Kineko Video, a fan group that restores lost media, has just announced that they’ve used a Doomsday Duplicator to remaster the Japanese horror film “Sweet Home“. Although not directly video game related, fans of survival horror may know that the licensed Sweet Home Famicom game is functionally the beginning of the genre, leading directly to […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Perifractic has Worms!!!

YouTuber Perifractic on his channel Retro Recipes recently interviewed and showcased technology behind the game series Worms.  In addition to this interview with Cris Blyth, insight and technical knowledge was shown about two particular Amiga 4000 computers.  As well as a possible solution being worked on to help aid in data transfer, backup, and preservation […]