Rany Battikh

RGB Modding a PVM-20L1

Martin Hejnfelt, mostly known for reverse engineering the BKM-129x add-on cart for Sony PVM and BVM monitors, has recently posted a detailed guide about RGB modding a PVM 20L1. The “L” series, most often referred to as the final manufactured line of professional CRT monitors by Sony, was released throughout the early to mid 2000s. […]


Interview with Sony BVM Tech savon-pat

  Here’s an audio-only interview with Patrick Gravier, aka savon-pat.  His willingness to help and wealth of knowledge have been a tremendous help for the retro-gaming community.  It was an absolute pleasure getting to meet with him in person and I hope everyone enjoys the interview! Podcast and direct-stream location:  http://www.retrorgb.com/podcast/?name=2018-11-09_pat.mp3 savon-pat eBay Store:  https://ebay.to/2RKhrDVpatrickgravier [at] netzero […]