Alex Mitchell

GCLoader Pre-Orders open Monday, July 31st

The GCLoader, a GameCube optical drive emulator from Daniel Kraak (meneerbeer) and Dan Kunz (citrus3000psi), will finally be back in stock this coming Monday, July 31st. Released in 2019, the GCLoader was the first commercially available ODE for the Nintendo GameCube, boasting improved functionality over existing SD card interfaces and (after an awkward initial release) […]

SaturnDave (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

SAROO: A Saturn Flash Cart Re-emerges…

Something that’s been dormant for nearly a decade has just broken from the ice. A few days ago on February 13, 2023, tpunix started adding new commits to a Saturn flash cart project that was thought to be dead 8 years ago, and it surprised folks when it popped up in their notifications. SAROO is […]


Fenrir Sega Saturn ODE Release Date and Pricing Announced

EDIT 04/02:  It looks like the price has gone up since it’s original announcement from $96 to $123.81. EDIT 04/09:  There’s been some confusion on the price:  The increase was only from $96 to about $103 – The $124 amount includes VAT (20%), which only applies to the EU.  Everywhere else will pay $103. EDIT:  […]