SD2SNES PRO: More Details From Ikari

Questions poured in after my interview with Ikari about the SD2SNES Pro (AKA SD2SNES MK.III), and he was kind enough to answer them all. He also shared new photos of his SD2SNES Pro prototype units. Below is a transcript of our conversation. SmokeMonster: Thanks again for joining me for the video. Could I ask a […]


Krikzz Joyzz 33% Off Sale

Krikzz has just launched a sale on his Joyzz controllers when purchased directly from!  I’ve personally tested this controller and have been enjoying it’s wireless convenience!  At about $44, it’s certainly worth considering:   During next week we offer 33% discount on #Joyzz wireless controller at — Igor Golubovskiy (@krikzz) January 6, […]


Krikzz’ Black Friday Sale starts November 23rd!

  Just a reminder that this Friday Krikzz will open his annual Black Friday sale, where all everdrive flash/rom carts will be on sale!  I’ve you’ve been holding off on getting one, now is the time!!!: Get ready to #BlackFriday sales on! -20% on all products. November 23 — Igor Golubovskiy (@krikzz) November 16, […]