Surround Sound: Music First

I’ve spent years trying to get surround sound setups to work well with music and was never totally happy with the results.  About a year ago, I accidentally ended up trying the opposite:  Build a great setup for music, then adapt it to surround sound afterwards.  I loved the results and wanted to share them with you all – Even if you completely disagree, maybe some of the suggestions and scenarios I provide will inspire your setup?

While I do NOT think my setup is the best option for everyone, I did want to share links in case you’re interested.  Some are affiliate links, as that’s how this channel survives – but please note the *amp & front speakers are **NOT affiliate links – I talk about them because I think they’re great (for the money!), not because I’m being paid to shill them ;p

Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE:
Yamaha MSP5 Studio Monitor:
Ground Loop Isolator:
XLR switch:
HDMI Splitter:
NAD C 316BEE Amp:
Speakers Near CRT’s:
ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2:
ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2:
Kef Tower Speakers:

True audiophiles will enjoy reading about the more expensive speakers I eventually want to buy as the front’s:

Awesome channels for high-end stuff:

*If you own the same NAD T 758 V3i amp and are getting HDMI signal (audio or video) dropouts, the section starting at 10:16 is a MUST WATCH!  I’d be willing to bet anyone running a 4K signal with HDMI cables longer than 6ft will need the same fix!

**If affiliate links were available for the amp & speakers, I’d totally use them.  If that upsets you, go into the comments and talk about it ;p

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