Super Famicom Transparent Case Pre-Orders

Retro Game Restore has just opened pre-orders on a clear/transparent version of a Super Famicom shell.  They’re also offering a clear replacement top, that allows both Super Nintendo and Super Famicom cartridges to fit*.  I think that’s a really cool addition and I’m glad they took the time to offer a “factory” feature that could only currently be accomplished by cutting the factory case.  Pre-orders for both are below – If you’d like the extra top, just make sure to select that as an option from the main post:

Pre-Order yours here:
Super Famicom Consoles:
Delay Information:

A minimum order of 500 is required and if sales don’t reach that number, a full refund will be issued to everyone who pre-ordered.  Unfortunately, all cases are delayed about three weeks, due to a factory lockdown.  That should push delivery time to early fall of this year, however there’s always a chance of more delays.  I think delays are expected and understandable this year and I’m sure most people understand as well.

*As a note, this new transparent top will allow SNES carts to fit with this custom clear case, but it won’t work on an original SFC case.  While the top will technically fit, SNES carts are too wide to fit through the rest of the original SFC shell’s plastic.

Here are the motherboard revisions that are confirmed to fit in this shell:

SNSP-CPU-01 & -02

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