Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Sinden Light Gun Available + Review

The Sinden Lightgun Project has finalized its production models and is now available for order.  It is a modern solution Light Gun designed currently to work with Windows and/or Linux based systems and the emulation or software there within. 

It uses a high speed camera inside the gun to works within a monitor’s viewing border.  Coupled with an onboard CPU and a USB interface.  The Sinden Lightgun gives its users the capability to play with light guns on a modern display.  The Sinden Lightgun comes in 3 colors and has options for either having recoil or non recoil. 

Ordering is still done via the Indiegogo page and original backers should be receiving their units for March and April.  With follow up orders currently expecting a May ship date.  A time table of expected shipping for backers will be listed below in the links, and should expect more updates form the Projects’ lead (Andy).

In addition to the finalized product hitting mass production, Neil aka RMC released a video on his YouTube channel detailing and reviewing this unit.  Showing off its capabilities as well as bringing in a friend of the show and fellow YouTuber Mark from MarkFixesStuff to give his review as well.  Please check out their channels and watch the video if you are interested in the Sinden Lightgun.



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Here’s another opinion as well, if you’re interested in more thoughts about the project: