Sentinel Supergun Prototype Announced

A new supergun has just been announced by Frank_fjs called the “Sentinel Supergun”.  There’s still some time before they’ll be available but pricing will be as follows:

$70 for just the supergun board without negatron, video hat or any cables.

$130 for the Supergun board with:

– 4 x PCB feet
– Negatron
– Video Hat
– Arcade PSU adapter
– CPS1 harness
– CPS2 harness
– Snes adapter x 2

In regards to the quality, Frank commented:

My opinion is that my supergun is beyond that of similar units such as the Vogatek, Mak-Strike, Retroelectronik but beneath that of the HAS. Basically somewhere in the middle.


I feel like that’s something we definitely need in the community:  A good quality, mid-range Supergun!


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