Sentinel Supergun PCBs

Frank received a batch of components for his Sentinel Superguns:
Supergun PCBs
Video hat PCBs
SNES Controller Adapters
Genesis Controller Adapters
ZIF Programmer for flashing controller adapters

And he has some misc new PCBs built:
Jamma pass-through boards
PCE RGB amps
Sega Master System composite and s-video amp
Sega Master System switchless 50/60Hz boards

This batch of Supergun PCBs were from his original design, which is being significantly redesigned, perhaps from the ground up, to accommodate new features like a range of sync settings, in addition to the attenuated/regenerated/buffered RGB via a 7316 amp. The board layout will also be improved. He will have 5 units sent to testers soon.

Sync Options:
– Raw unprocessed straight from the jamma edge.
– Raw attenuated.
– Raw, cleaned.
– Raw, cleaned and attenuated.
– Regenerated, buffered.
– Regenerated, buffered, cleaned.
– Regenerated, buffered, cleaned, attenuated.



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