Sega Saturn Wireless Pro Controller

Retro-Bit have just opened pre-orders on a “pro” version of their wireless 2.4GHz RF Saturn controller, that include “Hall Effect” analog control sticks that will act as the Saturn’s 3D Control Pad when enabled.  It comes in a choice of black or white and also comes with two receivers:  One for original Saturn consoles and another for USB devices such as the MiSTer and Nintendo Switch.  The price is $50 and it’s due to ship in December:

US Seller (Both Colors):
UK Seller (White):
UK Seller (Black):

Sadly, as usual, no lag test results have been posted ;/  I own quite a few Retro-Bit controllers and many are great.  I just wish the latency would be disclosed, so we’ll know which products should be used for casual gaming and which for hardcore, fighting games.  Anyway, here’s the list of features, as listed on their page.

  • Includes SEGA Saturn® and USB® wireless receivers
  • Accompanied with a 3.3ft / 1m USB-C® charge cable
  • Features dual Hall Effect analog sticks for durability and precision
  • 3D Control Pad support* enabled by macro via console receiver
  • Dual analog rumble motors** incorporated in the controller
  • Four shoulder buttons, Home, and Select buttons
  • Rechargeable 500mAh Li-ion battery
  • Compatible with SEGA Saturn® consoles via console receiver
  • Compatible with PC, Mac®, Switch, and other USB®-enabled devices via USB® receiver
  • Up to 30ft / 10m wireless range
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