Sega Saturn 2.4GHz RF Wireless Controller Pre-Orders

Castlemania Games has just opened pre-orders on the upcoming Retro-Bit wireless Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn bluetooth and RF wireless controllers.  By far the most exciting ones (IMO) are the RF Saturn controllers, as they’re the first commercially available modern wireless controllers that are compatible with original consoles!:

Sega Saturn 2.4GHz RF Wireless Controller – Grey
Sega Saturn 2.4GHz RF Wireless Controller – Clear Blue

Both the Sega Saturn and Sega Genesis RF wireless controllers will come with dual-receivers:  One for use on original consoles and the other a USB wireless receiver.  That means these controllers will support Saturn, Genesis, MiSTEr, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, Genesis Mini…and pretty much any other device that can accept a USB controller!  Also, as it’s RF wireless, there’s the potential for the controllers to have lag so low it’s imperceptible.  Now, this obviously comes down to how well they’re made, but if it’s even close to the performance of the Krikzz controllers, we should all be excited!

There’s also bluetooth versions of the controllers available in two different colors.  As long as they perform well, they should be great choices for use with modern consoles and games designed with controller lag in mind (basically any HDMI-era console or game).

It’s my strong opinion that bluetooth controllers shouldn’t be used with classic consoles, as those games were designed with zero controller lag in mind;  The variable latency of bluetooth can range between one and three frames of lag and if you combine that with your average flat-screen TV, you’re looking at five to six frames of lag total.

Overall, these have the potential to be awesome controllers.  As long as the build quality is good and they’re programmed with low latency in mind, they could be the perfect fit for many classic console setups!  For Genesis, I’ll be sticking with my Krikkz-made Joyzz controller (links below), as it’s performed flawlessly for over a year now!  I’m really excited for the Saturn controller though and if it performs well enough, I might pick up a Genesis one too for use with my MiSTer!

Links to the full list of controllers available for pre-order can be found here:

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