Sega Nomad Battery Pak ‘MKII’

Greg from LaserBear has just opened pre-orders on the next version of his Sega Nomad (portable Genesis/Mega Drive) battery pack.  NO MOD IS REQUIRED to use this:  Simply buy the pak and two batteries (sold separately), then snap it to the back of your Nomad similar to the original 6xAAA battery pak. It should allow for up to six hours battery life on a single charge and the newer version can be charged with either a USB C cable, or a Genesis 2-style AC brick (same as the Nomad).  As with the first version, you can play while it’s charging.  The price is $50 and it’s due to ship in early December.  More info after the links:

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Due to the Nomad’s portability and the RGB + Composite Video output, it’s by far the most used console in my setup.  After reviewing Greg’s original Nomad Pak about three years ago, I’ve been using it exclusively ever since;  In fact, I’ve never even connected an AC adapter to my Nomad after installing this, only the battery pak. The ability to plug in power without resetting the Nomad (something you can’t do with the built-in AC input), as well as charge and use it at the same time has made my testing so much easier.  And after all this use (and abuse), it’s still working perfectly and has never failed.

If you’d like detailed pictures as to how it compares to the original, please check out the post linked above.  And if you’d like to see a video of it in action, as well as how to assemble your own, please check out the great video from Tito here:

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