Sega Genesis MIDI Player “genMDM”

A new device is up for pre-order that turns your Sega Genesis / Mega Drive into a MIDI processor!:

According to the store:

genMDM is a MIDI interface for the 16-bit Sega Genesis/Megadrive developed by little-scale. It features DIN MIDI as well as USB MIDI via the on board mini USB port. It is able to control all channels of the YM2612 FM chip as well as the SN76489 PSG chip.

The device plugs into the controller port and is run from a ROM file, or custom cartridge if needed.  I’m really curious to see how something like this would perform in a “live” environment, or if it’s focus is music recording.  Either way, if you use this device, I strongly recommend getting a Genesis with the best audio quality, or doing an audio amp upgrade!!!


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