Sega 32x Whining Coil, AV Issues

Here’s a scenario that’s not at all uncommon in the RGB / Retro Gaming world:  You’ve been using your RGB-bypassed Genesis through your OSSC in 5x mode and it looks stunning on your flat-screen TV.  Then you connect your 32x and it all goes to shit.  There are lots of reasons for this, but a group of people have been trying to track down at least one of the potential causes:  A bad coil.

Lucky for us, some of our fellow nerds in the Retro Gaming scene are experts in the matter and willing to help!  Kevin (xwred5 on the forums) is an engineer that designs magnetic components for a living and has been working with people on the shmups forum to determine if a noisy coil could cause AV interference in the output.  The current results are inconclusive, so Kevin’s looking for people with 32x’s making noise that would either like to swap an inductor, or trade 32x’s to test.

If you think you can help, or are just interested in the technical details, please check out the thread:



#sega32x, #32x, 

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