SCART to YUV box Adjustment Guide


James-F just posted a guide on how to calibrate those cheap SCART to YUV boxes using an oscilloscope.  In my testing with Ste from HDRetrovision, we actually found those devices performed well after a full calibration was done!  We also agreed with the recommendation to use a 7.5v or 9v power supply instead of the one supplied, since the LM7805 inside gets too hot with 12v

James’ guide didn’t go over the luma calibration, which might cause issues with the other channels.  To be honest, everything around these devices is a gamble, however as long as you’re careful this device won’t damage your equipment, so maybe it’s worth a try?:

Ste and I will be soon be releasing a video comparing different RGB to Component converters, but for now, check out our “how to scope component” video below.

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