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RGB-Pi Plus released

The RGB-Pi team just released a new DYI kit/hat for the Raspberry Pi named the RGB-Pi Plus.

Unlike the team’s previous efforts, the RGB-Pi cable and the Jamma RGB-Pi, the RGB-Pi Plus isn’t a simple plug-and-play solution for Raspberry Pi gaming. It actually expands on the older products functionalities by adding wiring support for:

  • 2 8-button arcade panels
  • Stereo sound output
  • Red, Green, Blue and Sync pins for video output
  • 5v pins for blanking signal and an optional fan

All the aforementioned options require soldering on the user’s side.

One scenario where the RGB-Pi Plus could prove useful is in a Raspberry-Pi-setup based MAME cabinet where on-board pins would be wired to custom parts including buttons, sticks, speakers and a CRT.

If the user wishes to install the RGB-Pi Plus in a consolized fashion, outputting video through an already-owned Scart cable, installation instructions are offered by the team for 3 different pinouts: the Genesis 9-pin mini-din, Nintendo multi-out and Sony multi-out.

The plus is priced at ~34$ + shipping and can be ordered by email through RGB-Pi’s website.

More info about the RGB-Pi Plus: https://www.rgb-pi.com


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