RetroUSB AVS (HDMI NES) Back In Stock

The FPGA-based NES/Famicom console called the “AVS” is now back in stock after almost two years.  The price is now $209 plus shipping and it’s in-stock and ready to go.  Sadly, no firmware or feature updates have been released, just more stock of the previous (but very good!) console.  More info after the links:

Purchase here:
Previous Firmware Update:

First of all, I’ve always been a fan of the AVS.  It’s a great device for people who want to use original NES and Famicom cartridges and it’s 720p output is more than good enough for a decent experience.  Even it’s higher price point is fair, considering how high the price of everything has risen to!

I am disappointed at the lack of firmware updates though.  The one badly missing feature is multiple resolution support:  I’ve been asking Brian for seven years to add 240p and 480p modes.  Adding 240p means an HDMI to Component DAC would allow people to use it on CRT’s.  You can even get RGB SCART if you use a VGA DAC and an HD15-2-SCART.  And adding 480p means support for CRT VGA monitors via simply the VGA DAC.  While sure, you could use a RetroTINK 5x to downscale the AVS to 240p, this shouldn’t be too hard.  Maybe someone from the MiSTer team could help Brian out and get us this feature?

…anyway, while my original review is seven years old (damn my videos used to suck!), all the info is still accurate, other than the updated palettes that I showed in the firmware post above:

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