RetroTINK 5x Firmware v2.73

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware for the RetroTINK 5x that adds ‘Gen Lock’ in addition to Triple Buffer and Frame Lock. This allows the RT5X to match the input frame rate with a regenerated clock which is more stable than Frame Lock. Mainly useful for 1440p+ resolutions with Composite or S-Video sources that previously could not sync in Frame Lock.  If you only use RGB or YPbPr component video cables, this update doesn’t really apply to you.  Also, it’s only compatible with RT5x units sold after July 2021 – More info below the links, as well as update instructions:

Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:
Download the latest RT5x firmware here:
Update RetroTINK:
Update RetroTINK Mac:

Just to clarify:  This update applies to almost every RT5x sold.  If you’re unsure of when you purchased yours, just update and check the menu:  If the Gen Lock option is there, you have a main version.  If not, you have an early version that isn’t compatible.  There are zero negative effects of applying this update vs the last one on any version, so it’s totally safe to try – It’ll either display the new option, or it won’t.

For instructions on how to update your RetroTINK’s firmware, Windows users can use either method, but the above video is probably easiest.  If you’re using a Mac or Linux, the video below will be the one to watch:

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